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Subject Title   .MP3 .txt .pdf length credit singing
a shanty for synchronised crochet teams . 1 Knittershanty 0:00     full


Cresby & Jackie
a plea to a friend not to consider suicide . 2 Eilidh           Cresby  
my kind of love song, full of meaning, and bathos . 3 My Love is Like a Chocolate Box 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
abc not quite a shanty but close . 4 RollBoysRoll           Cresby  
a friend & down and out who was too proud to say hello . 5 Ron Haywards Blues 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
abc Victorian trade of Pure Finding (dog poo to you) ! 6 Pure Finder 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
I´m sentimantal about Malvern, this was my purple patch . 7 No Matter Where I Wander 0:00    


Cresby Chris & Cresby
the battle for Upton bridge, Upton-u-Severn - Civil War. 8 Upton Bridge 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
the Guy Fawkes story, remember, remember, but do you ? 9 Coughton Conspiracy 0:00     full Cresby


a song about Nelson. 10 Lord Nelson           Cresby  
Hot Gospel, with just a hint of tongue in cheek. 11 Station in the Sky           Cresby  
a shanty in draft form? 12 Pencil Sharpening Shanty 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
not a parody, but a modern re-working. Boy looses girl . 13 All around my Hat           Cresby  
a song celebrating the quintessential English sauce
(from India) . 14
Worcestershire Sauce 0:00     full Cresby Cresby & Somers TFC
Rag & Bone Men, (eg Steptoe and Son)
the original re-cyclers . 15
Old Rags & Bones 0:00     full Cresby Cresby & Somers TFC
"Black Country" humour, Enoch v Eli .
also on the
Black Country Humour site16
Cud ´Ave Bin Werse 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
wind-up Mrs Lemon, tell her you have seen this song ! 17 Shropshire Lemonade 0:00     full Cresby Chris & Cresby
culmination of a goal to write a trad song, did it work ? 18 The Oak & the Willow 0:00     full Cresby Cresby & Somers TFC
pit shanty, that´s easy for me to say - sober . 19 Gold for my Lady 0:00     full Cresby Cresby & Somers TFC
the "Old Barbed Why Here?" - three generations on . 20 the Why Memorial           Cresby  
light hearted expose of the leather trade of Walsall . 21 Merry Book Binder 0:00     full Cresby Cresby & Somers TFC
the dead centre of civilisation, Wednesbury town. 22 Hall Green Way 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
foundryman´s shanty, a true story. 23 Push on the Shovel           Cresby  
The problem of finding your car in a carpark. The speed sign looks like a level number . 24 Dumb Numbers 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Chris & Cresby
is it a quote from Ogden Nash, Senator Sam Irvine or a Victorian saying ? 25 the Rain it Raineth 0:00     full trad/Cresby Cresby
a Halloween Song, written for a specific night, on the night . 26 If You Want to Find the Warlock 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
my Old School was here ! 27 Wolverhampton I Wanders 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
Ah! An old flame creates inspiration ! 28 Here Comes Trouble 0:00     extract Cresby Cresby
Chris finds a valley called Ingram. Which is a family name we share ! 29 Northumbria 0:00     full Chris Chris
a name=30> the Rollright Stones, you can never count them . OK then, you just try it ! 30 Old Rollright 0:00     full Cresby Chris
A Thomas Graves verse found in Bretforton churchyard set by Chris. 31 As the Church Bells Chimed 0:00     full Chris/Thomas Gray Chris
Norfamton skittles are not like any other skittles, the ball isn't a ball ! 32 Whack the Skittles 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Chris & Cresby
musing on the offerings in pubs owned by Mad O'Rourke! 33 Bitters & Ales 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Chris & Cresby
inspired by Shakespear, banished from Stratford . 34 A Tide in the Affairs of Man 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Chris
a tale of the other man's gold ! 35 Golden Windows 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Donnie
a song about the Staffordshire city ! 36 Ladies of Lichfield 0:00     full Chris Chris & Cresby
Lola Taplin, last private owner of the Fleece in Bretforton. She loved beeswax & flowers ! 37 Lola's Flowers 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Chris
A marching song for the legions. All together - sinister - dexter - sinister - dexter . 38 Roman Way 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Chris & Cresby
an historic tale about the owners of Chasleton ! 39 Sarah's Brew 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Donnie
composed sitting on the eponymous footpath in Lechlade! 40 Shelly's Walk 0:00     full Chris Chris & Cresby
a comment on the Black Country dielect, owr kid ! 41 Them Ducks 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Donnie
Chris planted a plumstone in the grounds of Newstead Abbey, it didn't sprout ! 42 Plumstone for Byron 0:00     full Chris & Cresby Chris & Cresby
a song collected from Donnie Donegan ! 43 Down with Hitler & the Nazis 0:00     full trad Donnie
Joe Latter in 1992 . 44 Joe Latter 0:00     full trad Cresby
Joe Latter at Bromyard Folk Festival . 45 Joe Latter 0:00     full trad Cresby
I collected (& added 3 verses to) this Boer War recruiting song from Joe Latter (originally evacuated from London in WWII) . 46 Old England she needs Soldiers 0:00     full trad Joe Latter
2 "pace egging" songs collected from Joe Hurley, born nr Accrington . 47 I´m a Paper Lad & I´m a Navvy 0:00     full trad Joe Hurley
Robert Graves´ version of the "Old Barbed Wire" collected from the TV and Radio . 48 Old Barbed Wire 0:00   full Robert Graves Cresby
Back of the Bus song collected from a girlfriend ! 49 Bald-headed Eagle 0:00   full trad Cresby
the other one from 1965. 50 A Soldier I Will Be 0:00   full trad Cresby
2 young peoples´ songs not heard elsewhere . 51 Todd the Toad & Shine Your Buttocks 0:00   full trad Cresby
Riddles, family epithets, and a skipping rhyme from my youth. 52 Hezzikia the King of the Jews         trad  
Call & response girls/boys street song from Imelda Kucharzyszyn of Stroud . 53 Three Dukes 0:00     full trad Imelda
Children's' skipping chant from Joyce Hart of Stroud . 54 The Farmer's in his den 0:00     full trad Joyce
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